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We'd love you to join our journey together!

Partner Parishes
Are our core members who are fully engaged in the project. We ask Partner Parishes to contribute financially to the work of the network but do so on a scale of what parishes judge they can afford. For example, our suggestion for membership contribution is currently between £250 and £2,500 per annum.


To get the most from the project, we suggest that parishes are located in the Kensington Area of the Diocese of London or surrounding areas, including those in the Diocese of Southwark's Battersea, Wandsworth and Richmond & Barnes Deaneries. Partner membership gives free access to training, resources, events, support and a say in the running of the project. 

Those from Further Afield

Are welcome to join us for special training events and to be part of our annual residential.

For more info email:

More Coming Soon!

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